INDUSTRY : Digital Economy
YEAR : 2018

Financial Advisory

PrimeStreet Advisory was engaged as the lead advisor to execute the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) process for 830 rai Digital Park Thailand in Eastern Economic Corridor of Digital (EECd) for CAT Telecom PCL which is one of the six EEC Flagship Projects. Our key roles include, but are not limited to, conduct feasibility study, arrange market soundings and manage one-on-one sessions with potential investors to understand requirements from private sector, develop draft Invitation to Tender, RFP, and PPP Agreement, work closely with EECd feasibility supervisory committee and selection committee along the PPP Process, develop proposal evaluation criteria, and perform evaluation of proposals from private sectors, liaise with and manage interested investors on their proposal preparation, and execute the PPP process for EECd from beginning until PPP Agreement signing with master developer.