Alternative Fund Management

What We Do
PrimeStreet Capital is the alternative fund management arm of the PrimeStreet Group. We create alpha for our investors through our unique "Inside Out / Outside In" investment strategy, leveraging our global network of venture partners, entrepreneurs, and business owners to create cross-regional growth. Our impact investments enhance financial returns through environmental accountability, social responsibility, and ethical governance with the aim to help reimaine the solutions needed for our global community to thrive in our post COVID-19 New Digital Economy.
Venture Capital Funds
Global focused investments, targeting mid to late stage high-growth companies (Startups) focusing on impact technologies and Megatrend themes reimaging how we thrive in a Post COVID-19 New Digital Economy (Environment & Resources, Health & Wellness, Impact Technologies, Society & Lifestyle).

Growth Capital Funds
Southeast Asia focused, enabling creation of new S-Curve businesses for regional partners and implementing resilient ESG business models primed to lead in the reimaginative growth of our "New Normal".

“We aim to invest in companies with the passion to reimagine how we live and drive the effort to regenerate our communities."


"We are purposeful in making sure our behavior is reflective of our intent to create impact."

Our Funds


"We bring an "Active Approach" to all of our portfolio companies, sharing our extensive experience in strategy, operations, and financial management to help manage controllable risks and improve efficiencies resulting in strong sustained growth and value creation."

Our Portfolio