The Group

We leverage our investment banking, strategic management consulting, fund management, investment initiatives, and entrepreneurial experience to challenge the status quo.
Play the Long Game
We serve state owned enterprises, startups, SmEs, large corporations, public listed companies, investment funds, and high net worth investors in every stage of their growth. We believe that true value is created through long terms relationships with our clients. We base our engagement on the required outcomes of the deployment and we work closely with our clients to plan and execute the short, medium, and long term objectives.

Advise for Success
We are flexible in our engagements. We make sure to fully understand the purpose of a partciular task and give importance to the needs of our clients. Each engagement requires innovative execution and our ability to adapt allows us to give our clients the best unbiased solutions.

Make A Contagious Impact
We seek to drive environmental accountability, social responsibility, and ethical financial governance. We do this by working with inspirational people, taking a creative global lens at issues, and fully engage with our clients and the local communities they serve.

Accountable • Integrity • Excellence • Adaptable • Purpose

Everything we do is driven by our guiding principles, which define our character and culture. Our values help give us a strong compass of how we need to behave to make a positive impact.

Investment Banking Over US $115B transaction value Mergers & Acquisitions Finanical Advisory Fundraising
Management Consulting Over 80 Engagements Corporate Strategy Strategic Operations
Alternative Fund Management Debut fund launched in 2018 Venture Capital Special Situations

"We believe in creating long term value for our clients. We do this by providing unbiased best-in-class class service and by putting their interests as our priority."

- Rewin Pataibunlue, Founder & Chairman

Our People

Our people are the core of our business. We want to attract people with the ability to look at the world from multiple lenses, applying their knowledge and life experiences to have a positive contagious impact on the people we serve.

Our View

We work to create opportunties and help our clients and investors grow. We believe our ability to deploy our investing banking, management consulting, and fund management resources on any engagement gives our clients a distinct advantage in executing strategic and finanical initiatives, helping to enhance their success.

Our Impact

We measure our performance on the results of our total community impact. Our actions and efforts need to help our clients and investors navigate and prospoer through economic cycles.